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Escape Games: Castle Breakout

Castle Neuschwanstein

Escape games were growing monotonous when Cloudburst finally introduced the new amazing escape game; Castle Breakout. This game, though not a 2017 launch, has seen exciting upgrades which serve only to make the experience perfect. If you are used to the notion that castles are secured to prevent any invasion, brace yourself for a change in mindset. Castle Breakout is designed to secure any escape from the inside of the castle. This means that you must complete some progressively challenging puzzles to ply your escape from one room to another.

If your read through the castle’s intro, you will learn that it is set in ancient Germany, Neuschwanstein. The best part of it is that you have got to experience the historical marvel of the medieval castle security aspects. The vintage castle presents an awesome place to practice your escape skills. The abandoned castle in ancient Germany, near Neuschwanstein, is the best chance for you to figure out if you can break out while the king and court are out to party.

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Who the game appeals to

It should be noted that Castle Breakout will be appealing to strategy gamers because it has an extensive hint system that was voted the most wanted feature by hundreds of beta testers. This feature allows the user to make hard choices in how to spend their hints’ currency on how best to proceed with the game's direction. This allows for a gradual learning by the user of how to use their hints to achieve the best possible outcome. The game also appeals to first person shooter gamers because the game involves so much pointing and clicking. It uses the same skill set and we find that kids with a shooter video game background tend to do better at room escape games. Shooter games enjoy a cult following, and ours is growing too... They are realistic and massive projects, while ours is realistic as well in its artistic theme. “Children are our everything” is true for us. You can tell because we made Talking Apps before. So it is difficult to argue this point.

The game will also be interesting to readers of fine literature such as JR. Tolkien. I myself, the CEO, was a reader of all Tolkien's works as a kid as well as those of his best friend CS. Lewis. His books still hold the number one position in children's reading lists and very frequently the fantasy book comes out tops in various best book reader-voted contests. These are very fine works of art that have a medieval "ring" to them, to say the least. You will find that our comic book, written by Jamel Ingram who has a Masters Degree in Screenwriting, is very witty, funny and comedic. He surely has a gift for writing that will appeal to fans of these fine authors.

JR. Tolkien - author of The Hobbit and Middle Earth

Other Medieval Games

Have you ever visited Europe and seen a Castle? I highly recommend it. But there are some recreational things you can do at home that are medieval in nature. Like playing cornhole or croquet, which are both from medieval times. Cornhole is a medieval bag toss game to a wooden panel with a hole. It's a delightful game that's often found at renaissance fairs and indeed is the latest game to sweep the nation. Cornhole has stories that date back into the 14th century in Germany. Cornhole is in our next set of 10 levels that are currently being built. Both cornhole and croquet can be played in your backyard with a field of grass. Croquet is a game that will challenge your strategic senses as you balance where to place the ball to get maximum distance down a corridor of small metal wire-frame gates.

Cornhole Bag Toss - another medeival game.

The Dungeon

Our first 10 levels is free and the difficulty of each challenge increases as you move from one room to the other. As you mastermind your way through the alchemy, the blacksmith and the armory, you will need some mindful skills to pass through the dungeon. The prison in the dungeon level requires you to get the weight off the prison cage. And yes, it is easier said than done but if you love challenges, this one will blow your mind.

The Throne Room

The most enjoyable of them all is the throne room. It has a royalty feeling to it. You will feel like a king under siege trying to find his way out of the castle undetected through some hidden passageways. The throne room has some extensive tutorials for easy play. You will find it quite fascinating. You must complete all the first levels by dawn .

A magical castle experience

Castle Breakout is a breakthrough! Solve puzzles in a beautiful yet mysterious castle to escape its locked rooms! A game so intricately designed, it sets a new standard in iPhone, iPad, Android, Apple TV and MacOS games!

The Castle Breakout game has a lot of hidden secrets which make up the greater puzzle that you must solve. With every level you unlock, be sure to keep in mind everything you have learnt because you might need it in the subsequent rooms.

Crazy Anterwirp

You are sure to be drawn in by the game's artistry and amazing sound effects! The unanticipated rewards such as the ride on a dragon's back and a walkthrough by Anterwirp. Anterwirp is crazy but don’t ask him what he does with the castle rats! But the general experience is breathtaking, don’t forget to watch out for what lies underwater. Remember, nearby the moat lives a dragon. And with the improved graphics and sound effects, you will feel part and parcel of the game as you move through the various stages.The fish in the intro moat play a big role in solving the puzzles ahead so don’t take anything for granted. Any thing or creature you come across has its game play significance. If you see horses, don’t just pass by without asking why they were placed there.

Your Mission

Your mission? Escape locked rooms in a medieval castle by solving tricky puzzles with swords, spears, potions, pots, crowns, and more. With new inter-connected levels, players will now find objects in rooms that will not be used until later levels. The game is now more than multiple levels of solving riddles, but one big interconnected puzzle. The initial Castle Breakout escape game had set the rooms as separate levels but with the new upgrade, the rooms are interconnected.

Your mission gets more challenging as you prove a professional at unlocking levels. Get levels completed in record time and help the princess at some stage. You are like the castle knights testing the castle's defenses.

WorldWide Escape Room Craze

The reward for those who escape all ten levels is an amazing dragon ride around the castle grounds.

The "Escape Room" craze has swept the world, with escape room enterprises found in most major cities. Castle Breakout gives escape room fans a way to test their wits by escaping rooms -- anytime and anywhere.

Like a real-life escape room, those who succeed enjoy challenging friends over social media to best their times!

Castle Breakout is available for free on iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac OS and Apple TV.

Use Your Eyes and Wits to Win

Puzzles on Walls

Be watchful for numbers, gears, and several other items that hide in plain sight. You may see writing on the walls, or you may have to look over or under certain inanimate objects. You must also solve numerical puzzles along the way. Many of these clues will help you locate objects required to solve a later puzzle.

The drawings of distant hills or paintings on the wall can hold the key to solving some difficult puzzles. Use the torches levers to find hidden passages. Unlock safes and rooms with a combination of high keys. The poems and numbers are for those with a sharp mind for discerning hidden messages.

Clues Build Upon Clues

Kitchen Room

Many of the clues you discover will help solve puzzles throughout the entire game. This game requires keen observation to discern your next move.

Clues are hidden in clues. A clue may be provided on the symbols on the walls or the furniture in the room. If you find a shake pot in the kitchen it could hold the key to unlocking the door puzzles. The beer could be a simple drink or just one of the many potions you need to mix in the alchemy to solve the door puzzle.

Winning All Levels

Castle Breakout is a game that will challenge your intellect. To win each level and the game, awareness of your surroundings and solving riddles are key to advancing. Go ahead! Challenge yourself and you may become addicted to escaping each room in Castle Breakout! It is both challenging and exciting. Wit-wrangling riddles, beautiful graphics, and interactive animals has made Castle Breakout one of the most popular games available!

Which is your favorite adventure game? I think this is a question no one no longer asks because the answer is obvious: escape games.

What are escape games?

Answer: Escape games are typically games which require you to provide a solution to a series of puzzles in order to get your freedom from some sort of imprisonment. What makes these games challenging is not just the plain puzzles but the fact that every player is given a limited period of time to complete a certain challenge or level. By doing this, you will be rushed into making wrong judgements and forced into quick-fire thinking to get the solution to the puzzle to get out of the room.

Room escape games' popularity rose throughout the world, emanating from a wide populace in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Taiwan, Mainland China, Israel and Japan. Given that we have more than tens of thousands of escape the room games around the globe, it is an undeniable fact that room escape games are taking over the gaming industry. For instance, there are more than 400 rooms to escape in Japantown, Nashville, New York, Houston, Lakeland Austin, Philadelphia, Knoxville, Pigeon Forge, San Francisco, Springfield, Provo, Worcester, and Lancaster among many others.

Room escape games have become so popular that fans of escape games have coined a name for themselves, Room Escape Enthusiasts. These are folks who love the challenge of escaping from rooms, dungeons or prisons as poised by the games.

Many game developers have described "escape the room games" as a hit especially among the young professionals and unemployed folks looking to drain away their boredom. They are undoubtedly some of the most impressive games you will set your eyes on.

There are some exciting hot spot room escape games around the world. These games have a slight difference in their designs according to the physical variety. There is a wide variety of room escape games that you may choose from. However, it is generally stated that if you generally love escape games, you will find all the varieties equally entertaining. As mentioned earlier, room escape games test you on a broad set of skills. If you are going to try out the various varieties of escape games, I would suggest you start with the zombie escape games.
Map of United States Room Escapes - Room Escape Artist

These are just typical room escape games except that you must dodge the advances of a zombie or a whole horde of them. Other varieties include escaping from a castle, escaping from a prison or a city. The location of the rooms to escape is what creates the playing field for these particular games.

Escape Room Directory

Our Favorite Escape Apps

Playing escape games purely depends on your preference. What are you looking for in an escape game? If you are after quality, then try to look at the best graphics rendering escape app. While some escape apps may give you strength in one area, they may leave a lot to be admired in other areas.

An escape game app must balance the difference aspects that make the game worth playing. Escape Games are a sub genre of puzzle games. Some escape game apps offer a better real-life experience than others. Some game developers use the idea of escaping from a room simply as a part of the broader puzzle game while other developers create the escape game as the main and complete challenge.

Escape game apps might be very simple or very complex depending on the targeted players. It runs the gamut and we have therefore come up with our pick of the best escape game apps you can try.

Castle Breakout

Can you escape? If you can, how about you try to escape from a Castle secured with medieval security. Castle Escape, machination of Cloudburst, is one of the best escape games you will ever play.

Why is Castle Breakout Worth Your Time? Castle Breakout is a game of wits. If you believe you can outwit the castle security, then prove your prowess with this amazing game. I have a feeling this will be the hardest challenge you will ever face as an Enthusiasts Escape Room gamer.

Castle Breakout

The Escapists

The Escapist is one of the newly launched Escape game apps and it has taken folks by storm. Before the mobile version was released, the Escapists was only played on PC.

The Escapist tests your resolve and brilliance at escaping from a prison. Like many other escape games, you will run around the prison collecting tools and items, sneak to talk with prison mates without alerting the prison security.

The game has features and a set of scenarios to maintain the suspense and excitement of the game. It has some pretty decent retro graphics.

Cube Escape series

Rusty Lake’s Cube Escape Series is an interesting escape game app which was designed as an endless thread of challenges. This series of escape games presents a franchise of nine games.

There are simple graphics to be enjoyed in this gaming app.

The Room Two

The Room Two is not just a common puzzle escape game app. It comes with trendy puzzles. If you want to challenge yourself to the limit, keep yourself entertained, kill time but stimulate your brain, then The Room Two escape app is a good place to start.

The escape app is set for nearly all individuals: families, kids aged 7-9 and puzzle lovers. Generally the graphical designs are awesome and this game offers a different edge than what other games commonly offer. This is in terms of the variation in the puzzle difficulty and level completion.

This escape game app requires heavy graphics drivers and firmware. This is the reason it is only compatible with iPhone 4S+ as well as iPod Touch 5th Generation.

Doors & Rooms

Would you like to kill time playing a brain teaser that offers endless challenges? Don't ask why but just open the doors and elude. The Doors and Rooms escape game is simple but this might just be a cover-up to the real addictive nature of the game.

It is a never-ending battle of wits. Parents for puzzle loving kids should be aware that Doors - room escape game - is a brain-teasing puzzle game. In this game, the players solve increasingly difficult challenges to open a door or to move on to the proceeding levels. The game can get quite difficult and as a matter of fact, young children might quickly lose their interest in the game. The app is free of any charges and it is also free of violence, language issues or sex.

The game is ad-supported which means your gaming will be constantly interrupted by an ad-banner.

The escape apps' system requirements are high but inclusive of a range of Operating Systems, such as iOS, Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 10. The app uses the ARM architecture. You will need to use your Microsoft Account to download the Doors and Rooms Escape Game App.

Android and iOS

Best Pick

The Castle Breakout is our favored pick and not simply because it was created by a mastermind, but because it is the best customer experience. Among the best escape games, you will find this to be the most involving and, at the same time, satisfying. This is because it has the best hint system. You get at least 3 types of hints compared to the other escape apps which offer very few hints.

The inclusion of animated graphics makes Castle Breakout more realistic. With this game, you can interact with animals such as a horse, dogs and cats. The escape game app also shows the best rendering graphics: you can see the animals wagging their tails.

The Castle Breakout app also uses some great images on the walls and symbols to help you solve the puzzles. With each difficulty level you complete, the Castle Breakout gives you a chance to continue enjoying the game until you complete the (soon to be) 100th level.

Popular Kid’s Portal for Escape

Are you a kid who loves playing puzzle games or do you know of any kids that are puzzle lovers? Kids who would like to play escape games can now get access to free online games from kid portals for escape games.

Some of the popular games that kids can play for free online include flash games. Do you understand what a flash game is? Well, flash games are browser-based videos games which are created using flash format.

They can be played on sites such as Miniclip, YoudaGames, Kongregate, Newsgrounds and many others. Although the popularity of flash games in its utility, compared to mobile gaming apps, is slowly taking a dive. Many escape games are based on the Flash format. Flash uses ActionScript, an easy-to-learn language that gives you control over the objects on your screen.

Kids can play amazingly cool games online absolutely for free by signing up on kids' portal for games.

Kids can play a variety of online games for free on Games Clicker, Nickelodeon, Games Learn4 School, and escapegame24 among others.

Where we Got Our Idea

When was the last time you got an idea that someone else put into reality? Personally, our idea for the Castle Breakout was born from the Can You Escape app. Can you Escape is a great game. It is designed to drive you into a deep addiction for escape games.

One of the creators defines Can You Escape as “it’s actually a fully themed real-live game. This immersive adventure involves teamwork and strategy to solve the puzzles as you race against the clock to escape the room. Part strategy-part fantasy-all FUN!”

Perhaps what makes our game the best is that it has portions of what used to be the best. We used ideas from the best games in the genre which includes the likes of Can You Escape, Tower Escape, Escape Tampa and Escape from Work.

Escape Cousins

Escape games are continually gaining popularity but with this popularity comes a wave of developers looking to make their games familiar in some sense to this genre. These are games that can be enjoyed in equal measure (or at least to some extent).

Room of the escape cousin modality games include The Room which we mentioned earlier, and the Monument Valley with an M.C. Escher twist.

The Room, a puzzle video game, was developed in 2012 by Fireproof Studios. Originally, the game was developed for iOS and it was launched in September 2012. Fireproof studios later released the Room puzzle game version that could be played on Microsoft Windows on July 28, 2014. It featured improved graphics and game controls for PCs.

In the game, The Room, you as the player will be presented with strange boxes. This series of strange boxes has got some sort of physical mechanism. The challenge is to figure out the best way to open the boxes. The solution to one of the boxes unlocks several levels and the challenge continues. This game makes use of a variety of motions which are enabled by the mobile device touchscreens so as to simulate the actions in real life. Such actions include key turning, looking around the device, and switch activation. The game is great especially for those who are only beginning to play escape games.

Escape the Room Ideas

We wish to prepare a directory of room escape apps. Later we will be doing that. For those who will be interested, this will be a great addition to try out in our app.

Escape from SF

Our great masterpiece will incorporate a lot of great escape locations. Being headquartered in SF Bay area, we are planning to include Asian Palaces and Temples in our games plus Russian Palaces, Indian Temples, all kinds really. Such great ideas emanate from our team of many artists from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

Every detail in our game is fine tuned and tailored to impress. We make the best use of Masters of Fine Arts grads from the Academy of Art University in SF, as well as other schools.

New Escape Games

There are numerous new escape games that if you are a fanatic of this genre you must be coming across them on a daily basis. Our idea though is to come up with something that will intrigue our players. We are entering the market to win the hearts of our escape gamers. With there being hundreds of new escape games every year, it is only obvious that players will want to choose the best.

Developing Castle Breakout is a milestone which is still in its developmental stage. But with every new idea we come up with to improve the game, we always put the players’ interest first. What will make our players want to stick to Castle Breakout? This is just one of the questions we try to wrap our heads around as we look to enhance the game’s performance and gamer experience. This is why we mean to add 100-200 levels to Castle Breakout. If you would like to get an idea about this project, see my Master Plan document.

Prison Escape Games

Prison escape games are also a variety of escape games that teenagers find very engaging. They are captivating games which develop your creative skills. In prison escape games, you are required to craft an escape plan out of the prison. Although our Caste Breakout game is about escaping a castle, we feature a dungeon among the rooms. The dungeon is poised as our prison level.

Escape Rooms Online

Did you know you can play escape rooms online? Yes, we will soon have games which allow you to play online escape games. Our game is also (soon) designed to allow for this opportunity especially to those players who would like to brag about their progress online.

Escape room games online are popular and anyone looking to develop an escape game must put this factor into consideration.

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