Engaging, captivating and challenging!

Andrew Allison

Head of Supply, Europe, Africa and Middle East, Vungle.com

Those images ... look incredible.

Jeremy Bondy

Global Head of Supply, Vungle.com

[Animals is] its coolest addition to the game

Roma Sky

28 year old man in Russia

I really liked the animals in the game specially the tiger in level 7. It is very nice touch to the game.

Vrishabh Phade

23 year old man in USA

One of the best parts about [the animals], was when I was able to interact with some of them.

Cinnamon Bernard

27 year old female in USA

A magical castle experience

Castle Breakout is a breakthrough! Solve puzzles in a beautiful yet mysterious castle to escape its locked rooms! A game so intricate and elegantly designed that it creates a new standard in games for iPhone, iPad, Android, Apple TV and MacOS!

Battle against the wits of the Guild of Justice to solve tricky puzzles with swords, spears, potions, pots, crowns, interactive animals and more!

Castle Breakout has been gloriously rendered with photorealistic detail and features amazing sound effects for a brand new experience: it's like being the star in a medieval movie!

Adagio - from the Ravel Piano Concerto in G

Maurice Ravel (France) 1875 - 1937

Recercada Segundo

Diego Ortiz (Spain) 1510 - 1570

Though Amaryllis Dance in Green

William Byrd (England) 1540 - 1623

Sonata in C Major

Alessandro Scarlatti (Italy) 1660 - 1725

Allegro - from K 229

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Germany) 1756 - 1791

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